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Reddit gaming pc

Reddit gaming pc

The best gaming PCs are the most powerful tool at your disposal for both video games and productivity software. Blasting through hordes of foes at rapid frame rates and high resolutions is fun, but you can just as easily use a gaming rig for graphic design, animation or simply streaming movies and TV in beautiful 4K.

And, unlike a console, you can upgrade PCs as better tech becomes available. We test new PCs regularly to see if they pass muster for this list, toa pa speakers update the page as systems become available. Read on, and we'll help you find your next great gaming machine.

The best gaming PC right now is the the Alienware Aurora R10, thanks to its sleek, stylish design, blistering gaming performance and painless upgradability. If you want to be able to swap in newer graphics cards over time and don't want to deal with a bunch of screws and tools, the Aurora is for you. One of our favorite mid-range options is the Dell G5which starts at a reasonable entry level, price, has an attractive design, and, like its bigger Alienware brother, is fairly easy to upgrade.

The Corsair One i is a good choice for folks seeking the most compact gaming PC around without sacrificing power, while boutique machines such as the Origin Neuron and Maingear Rush are worth checking out if you want to customize every aspect of your PC at the point of purchase.

There are plenty of other great gaming PCs out there, from ultra-compact desktops that are perfect for living room gaming to massive, customizable mammoths that are ideal for 4K gaming as well as virtual reality. Ready to find the ultimate tower for your command center? Here are the best gaming PCs to buy right now. The Alienware Aurora R10 delivers big on every front: it's stylish; it's powerful; it's customizable and it's easy to upgrade regardless of whether or not you're a PC enthusiast.

The R10 model sports Alienware's latest Legend design language, delivering a sleek, curvy chassis that looks great in both white and black and sports three fully customizable RGB zones. And even if you start small, the Aurora's smartly designed chassis lets you open the machine up and swap out the GPU and RAM without the need for any tools.

No matter how you configure it, the Aurora is the best gaming PC you can buy. Read our full Alienware Aurora R10 review. Packing a Core i5 processor and an Nvidia GTX graphics card, this desktop can run mainstream games at high settings and even handle virtual reality without much of a sweat.

The best computer speakers for 2020

Better yet, the Gamer Xtreme VR is very easy to open up, making it a great starting point for gamers who eventually want to upgrade to more powerful parts. The Gamer Xtreme VR has long been a favorite at top online retailers, and for good reason. On top of its strong performance and low starting price, this machine has a fairly sleek and flashy design, complete with custom RGB lighting both on the fans and within the case.

You also get a CyberPower keyboard and mouse right out of the box, so you can spend less time fetching extra accessories and more time fragging your friends online. This small, angular machine fits easily into just about any gaming nook, and is ideal for either desktop or living room setups.

With a variety of processor, GPU and RAM options from which to choose, you'll be able to customize a machine that works for your games, and for your monitor. Still, in terms of both physical design and raw performance, the MEG Trident X is one of the most gorgeous and functional gaming PCs on the market today. The Dell G5 is one of the best gaming PCs for folks who want a solid entry level machine that's very easy to upgrade.

One of the G5's biggest selling points is its sleek, foolproof chassis, which is incredibly easy to open up should you want to swap out components over time.

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We found Dell's desktop to be reliable for playing AAA games at p and 60 frames per second, and like that the machine comes mostly free of bloatware. Overall, if you need a good, affordable desktop that you can make more powerful over time, the Dell G5 is a great choice.

Read our full Dell G5 review. Who says you need a gigantic tower for high-end gaming PC power? The Corsair One's slick RGB lighting offers a ton of customization options, and its liquid-cooled internal design keeps this small machine quiet even during heated 4K showdowns. It's worth noting that the Corsair One isn't the most upgrade-friendly machine, so you'll need to pick a configuration you'll want to stick with or have some decent technical know-how to swap out parts.

But if you're limited on space but don't want to sacrifice performance, the Corsair One is one of the best gaming PCs for fans of compact machines.

Read our full Corsair One i review. The best gaming PC design we've seen, this desktop's side panel is a translucent, fully-functioning LCD display. You can use this panel to show off cool animated wallpapers, monitor your PC performance, or even play games though we don't recommend that last part. It's also simply a great gaming machine, with lots of reasonably priced configuration options that support such high-end components as an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX Ti GPU.

If you're the type of gaming PC enthusiast who values aesthetics as much as strong performance, the iBuyPower Snowblind is one of the most unique and impressive desktops out there. Read our full iBuyPower Snowblind review.Read this before posting, it'll give you a hand as to what is useful information and the rules of the subreddit! This serves as a place to help people with their computer issues. Trolling, drama, personal attacks, joke comments within reason and "XD so random" comments and posts will be met with bans.

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All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit your woes. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.While you can buy one of the best gaming PCs and resolve your dilemma about whether to buy or build a PC that way, putting together your own system is less expensive and more rewarding.

When you build a system yourself, you get total control of everything from the exact make and model of motherboard to aesthetics of the chassis and how many RGB fans you want.

Depending on what type of computer you create, you may also be saving a few hundred dollars over the cost of buying a prebuilt system. To help you assemble the best PC build for gaming or productivity on your budget, we've created a set of recommended parts lists below, organized by total price.

We will update this best PC builds page on a regular basis to keep pace with the changing hardware marketplace.

Gaming Desktops

Because availability and price of components changes so frequently, we will not have tested every single component. Nor, unless otherwise stated, are we able to gather all the parts for each suggested build together and test for clearance issues or other potential compatibility issues.

reddit gaming pc

Note also that hardware prices change daily and vary by country, so the total cost for any given build may be slightly higher or lower when you read this than it was at publication time. We don't include the cost of an operating system, because you can get Windows 10 for Free or Cheap.

Nor do we include the price of peripherals such as the best gaming monitorsbest gaming keyboards or best gaming mouse. You can if you buy a preowned office system from several years ago and upcycle it with new storage and a recent-generation graphics card.

At this price point, you can expect AAA games to run at low to mid settings at p resolution, but you will be able to at least play them. Dropping down to p will allow you to turn on some more eye candy.

This card should allow you to play games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Borderlands 3 at around an 80 fps average at p and normal settings. With that many threads, streaming games via OBS with x compression was really smooth, with a degradation of only about 10 percent in frame rates over playing the games alone.

With this card, we were able to play games like Borderlands 3 at Badass settings and Shadow of the Tomb Raider at its highest settings while getting average frame rates in the high 40s and 50s at p. Less demanding games such as Grand Theft Auto V pulled over 60 fps at very high settings. However, our card had some annoying fan noise rattle at between 75 and 85 percent speeds.

We were able to fix this through adjusting the fan curves manually, but you may prefer getting a different model of GTX Super card. It also has an attractive RGB light panel on its front, though you can only control it using a button and not via software.

It can also take advantage of Nvidia's Broadcast software for filtering out unwanted background noise and blurring the messy home office behind you during video calls. If any of these components are sold out or have gone up in price, you can cut costs by going with a cheaper SSD, a non-Bronze PSU or a lower-cost B motherboard. We also have adequate cooling and power to do some overclocking see how to overclock Intel processors and push our CPU past its stock boost speed of 4.

To accommodate the 10th Gen processor, we went with the MSI Pro ZA motherboard, which promises excellent passive cooling, including a built-in heatsink for the M. However, you can choose a different card and still hit this budget.

We love the sleek DRGB lights on the front panel and the in-depth cable management options.Having the best computer speakers means you're not exiled to the corner of the room with your headset permanently strapped to your skull, making your ears all sweaty. Play it loud and play it proud, that's what we say. Hear every toe-tapping beat in Persona 4 or stray gunshot in Call of Duty Warzone. And, after a long hard day, maybe you just need to blast out your favourite game soundtrack, to blow off some steam.

Amazon Prime Day deals: the place to find all the best Prime Day bargains around October 13 and While we're always advocates of a good gaming headsetthere's a certain satisfaction in drowning out your roommates' complaining about their day with the best PC speakers. With our comprehensive list, filling the room with alien death rays, explosions, and zombie moans never sounded so good.

One of the main factors in deciding the best computer speakers for your desk is space. If you've got the room, you should go for the typical 2. These will give you an excellent depth of sound and positional audio. The only downside is that this option is usually more expensive and not so space-efficient. If you don't have the space or the money, soundbars are great options as well.

Some will come with a sub-woofer you can tuck under your desk for some rump-shaking sound. We've got choices for everyone, from the budget-conscious to the sound snobs. The best computer speakers we've chosen have the quality, balance, and bass you need to make all the noise you want. Just think about your neighbors before you decide to go melting too many faces. Weight: 3. When it comes to RGB lighting, chances are you either hate it or love it. The PC Gamer office may be divided on this topic, but there's one thing we can agree on: Logitech's G Lightsync feature is anything but gimmicky.

If there's one RGB product we'd recommend, that might impact your PC gaming experience, it's this one. Logitech's software allows you to choose between two control modes for the speakers. Hardware control ditches the software and uses Bluetooth or AUX input for lighting. You get a gentle rainbow color cycle that also acts as an audio visualizer, which flashes and brightens to the beat of the music.

Switching over to software control allows you to choose between fixed color, color cycle, breathing, audio visualizer, and screen sampler lighting modes.No gaming setup is complete without speakers that deliver incredible, booming sound.

The best speakers for you will depend largely on your budget, the space you have available, and your preference for overall bass and sound qualitybut our favorite speakers are all fantastic in their own way. Read on to find the best fit for your gaming setup, whether you only have a little space for speakers or want to upgrade your gaming sound in a big way.

Creative Technology is no stranger to desktop audio. The company began producing audio-related products in the s, with Sound Blaster and X-Fi now common household brands. Creative introduced the GigaWorks T40 Series II inbut its high quality and high performance continues to make this kit one of the best desktop sound systems to you can buy today.

This speaker set is based on an MTM configuration with two midrange drivers with dual woven glass fiber cones sat on the top and bottom of each satellite face.

Between these drivers is a cloth dome tweeter. Both satellites have an opening on the top — the BasXPort — providing all the bass, eliminating the need for a subwoofer.

The right speaker includes three dials along the bottom bass, treble, volume plus two 3. This kit ships with a dual RCA-to-stereo adapter too. At just 20 inches long, the Leviathan is much smaller than your average soundbar, making it great for use on desks and in front of TVs.

It typically connects via a 3. That means you can pump music or video audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet. Despite its size, the Razer Leviathan lives up to its name in a big way with bass-heavy, immersive audio thanks to impressive virtual surround sound.

It features two 2. The kit provides an optical connection as well. If immersion is your main concern with gaming audio, few setups come close to the Logitech Z Offering true 5. There is real meat in explosions and booming voices.

reddit gaming pc

When combined with the 3D element of the true surround sound, this speaker set is one of the best you can buy for high-end gaming. This 2. Each satellite speaker consists of dual two-inch drivers packed into an angled, piano black surface to deliver sound pointed up towards your ears. The speakers give you serious sound quality without a hefty footprint. Better yet, these speakers have small integrated stands for standalone styling.

You can fit them alongside your TV, monitor, or keyboard in even the most compact gaming setups. This kit provides impressive power for speakers of this size, even though it lacks a subwoofer. Each speaker has a built-in rear-facing bass port for a fuller overall sound. The effect is low-end vibration impacts during the deepest of in-game rumblings. If you choose the Chroma RGB lighting edition, you can also adjust the light effects via the menu.

Who are they for: PC gamers who want great sound and power. Best gaming soundbar: Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.Pay, Plug, and Play.

It's not incredibly hard to build your own gaming PC, so it's easy to overlook pre-built gaming PCs. Most computer parts simply slot together, and really great computer cases include lots of tool-less thumbscrews and offer plenty of space to set up your PC with ease.

But, that doesn't mean you need to go through all the trouble.

reddit gaming pc

Even experienced PC builders can run into issues getting their self-assembled computer to boot up, and plenty can go wrong. We've run into bent CPU pins and the painstaking effort it takes to get an expensive part back into working condition.

Many of them even offer compelling value. Even if you're interested in building your own PC, buying a pre-built can give you a great starting point. This way you can upgrade parts over time, letting you slowly get used to the various steps involved in building a PC until you're comfortable enough to start from scratch.

Until that time, here are our best picks for pre-built gaming PCs. If you're browsing in the UK, click here to find out where you can find the best gaming PCs. Skytech Archangel.

Corsair One a Alienware Aurora R Maingear Turbo. HP Omen Desktop 25 L. Origin PC Big O. More Expert Tech Roundups. Was this article informative? YES NO. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale.

For more, learn more. IGN Logo Recommends.AMD crafted a unique solution to that problem in its APUs, or accelerated processing units, which are basically CPUs that pack built-in graphics processing capabilities. It comes with GB of high-speed solid-state storage as well. And, like most of our other picks, it also comes bundled with a mouse and keyboard. A basic wired gaming mouse and keyboard are included as well, although you might consider upgrading to a mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse to get the best experience out of a desktop at this price point.

As with any big purchase, make sure you know exactly what you want when buying a gaming computer. If your demands are a bit higher, though, then expect to have to shop around a bit for the right deal. Nvidia replaced their older series GPUs last year, but there are still cheap gaming PCs floating around with these cards.

Our advice: Avoid them unless your needs are modest and you can snag one for a seriously good deal. Even the entry-level series Nvidia cards are faster and are ideal for p gaming. Some desktop PCs from brands like HP use proprietary components which will limit what parts you can add and can be costly to replace.

The faster processors and high-speed RAM will make short work of simple tasks like web browsing, word processing, making spreadsheets, and so on, and the discrete GPU is also nice to have for graphical tasks such as video rendering. Another advantage of a desktop PC, particularly one with a graphics card, is the option to create a multi-monitor setup that can increase your productivity and even a single monitor will still give you more screen real estate than a laptop display.

Looking for more great stuff? Find tech discounts and much more on our curated deals page. We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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