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Sample nomination form for employee of the month

Sample nomination form for employee of the month

Workplace happiness and employee happiness is achieved by selecting the best employee each month in the work environment. An employee of the month is also considered as a reward and employee recognition program that encourages the staffs to work effectively and enhance productivity.

sample nomination form for employee of the month

Employees who have achieved excellence in the field and best ones amongst all the fields are recognized and rewarded. The main aspect for identifying an employee of the month is the criterion that is followed to pick out the best employee of the month. The employee of the month selection criterion depends on two main aspects attitude standards and quality of work standards.

Organizing the employee of the month program has its own benefits, provided if its done in duduble iyo dhulbahante right way.

The process should always be organized in a clear and transparent manner and most importantly it must be unbiased. The purpose of planning such a program is beneficial for both employers and the employees. Unusual way of handling will not only waste your time, money and energy but also create a odd situation in the organization.

Thus creating disturbance among the employees. Now if you are thinking whether conducting an employee of the month program is worth?

The employee of the month reward can be obtained by an employee for more than once where the employee needs to have a break of at least five years for each award. A positive attitude is a key aspect that should be present with the employee in the work environment. The information on the nominees would be gathered from the employee of the month nomination form, the nominator himself, the committee knowledge about the nominee, performance issues are gathered from the HR and also other details can be gathered from the director or immediate supervisor.

Best employee for the month is achieved by following a proper process through which the award is narrowed down. The appropriate form and criteria for an employee of the month is first posted on the website of HR. The employees are suggested to apply for nominations once the notice is posted. The completed form for the reward is submitted to the personal assistant in human resource management. The nominator is supposed to sign in the form. The human resources director is responsible for forming an employee of the month committee which is made up of a past employee of the month members.

On a monthly basis, the employee of the month committee meets and reviews all the nominations and narrows down to pick an employee for the upcoming months for an employee of the month.Already have an account? Log in. Sign up. If you need more help, please contact our support team. The Employee of the Month Voting Form is useful for team leaders and senior managers looking to raise morale among their employees and provide recognition for hard work.

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sample nomination form for employee of the month

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A very useful form when there is a complaint by an employee against another employee, senior manager or supervisor. You can use this employee complaint form sample for documenting any complaints. This employee complaint form template includes company name, name of the employee, date of the complaint, supervisor's name, description the details of the complaint, additional comments, supervisor's comments, signature.

Easily collect information from your customers using this Survey Form. This allows your customer to rate and provide their experience and expectations with your product or service.All City of Coral Gables full-time employees are eligible to be nominated for Employee of the Month with the exception of the following:. Nominations can be submitted by City of Coral Gables Directors, employees or residents.

Completed nominations must then be submitted to Human Resources Department. Once a nomination is received, the Employee of the Month Coordinator from the Department of Human Resources will review each nomination to confirm eligibility. The Evaluation Committee shall be composed of the previous Employee of the Year and three 3 representatives from at least two 2 City departments. Nominations will be considered for a total of six 6 consecutive months.

How to Select Best Employee of the Month: Complete Guide

If selected, the full-time employee and department director will be notified and a letter acknowledging their selection will be sent to the employee with a copy placed in their personnel file. If the employee elects to be recognized at the Commission Meeting, a brief video showcasing the employee will be shown during the presentation and regardless of selection a photograph of the employee will be displayed in City Hall for the duration of the month. In addition, the employee will also be recognized by the City of Coral Gables Rotary Club during their monthly luncheon and presented with a plaque.

At the beginning of each calendar year, an evaluation committee composed of the previous three 3 Employees of the Year and a representative from Human Resources, will meet and select from the previous twelve 12 Employees of the Month, a new Employee of the Year.

Employee of the Month Policy and Nomination Form

Staff Directory. Contact Information. Get Directions. Employee of the Month Policy and Nomination Form.Corporate has different ways of rewarding and motivating their employees and Employee of the Month is one such way to acknowledge and award the employees who work hard.

Employee of the month Nomination letter is a formal way of informing the candidate whose name has been chosen for this category for delivering outstanding performance at work. This is a way of nominating a coworker for an award and it is surely a prestigious nomination. Here is a sample letter format for employee of the month recognition letter which you can use for creating a customized letter with all the details.

I am extremely happy to nominate Mr. Arun Kumar, a senior sales executive for this award because of his impressive performance. Arun Kumar has been associated with our Sales Department from last one and a half year. Within this span, he has been promoted from the post of sales executive to senior sales executive because of his wonderful performance at work. The reason for nominating Mr. Kumar for this award is his dedication towards his work. I am extremely happy to share with you that in the last month he broke all time sales records of the company with his skills.

He has brought to our company a business double his targets which till date no employee has been able to reach. This is quite an achievement and surely needs to be acknowledged and awarded. We are happy to have him in our company and we surely need more employees like Mr. Kumar who can create benchmarks for others to look up to and never give up. I hope that this nomination will not just motivate him to do better but will also motivate others to work harder and achieve the impossible.

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The Employee of the Month Criteria for Success

Nomination Letter for Employee of the Month Award. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Many companies would organize the employee of the month award to inspire the employee to give their best always.

For which, an employee nomination form is required to judge who is the best as per the category. The form maintains selection criteria and the employees are asked to answer on that basis. Qualification of that person is also needed to be mentioned in the form.

The nomination can be for distributing certificate for the employee of the month award. The signature of the concern person is needed to make the data authorize. One must mention the date of submission of the form. You can download the format of the form in both PDF and word file and customization is up to you as per your needs. Previous Post: Election Nomination Form. Next Post: Nomination Form Template. Related Posts. Sample Family Nomination Form Template. Emory Scholars Nomination Form.

Society Nomination Form Word Format. This Article Was Written By. Informed Consent form Clinical Trials Template. Job Appraisal Form. Jewelry Appraisal Form. Vehicle Appraisal Form.

Scholarship Application Format. Credit Application Form Template. Job Application Form. Property Management Accounting Form. Petty Cash Voucher Form. Cost Accounting Form. Recent Posts.In voting for the employee of the month, the management often gives the employees a chance to choose who to nominate from their co-employees. This is done by utilizing an employee nomination for the month or voting form. But before the nomination takes place, the management gives a notice of election.

This is in order for the employees to have the time to assess who among their co-employees are worthy for the award. As might be expected, there will be a criteria in choosing for the best among the rest in order for everyone to be guided. Further are the discussions for the uses or importance of these forms and the general information that are required in completing the form. These could be utilized by the business management and the employees in choosing who among is the top performer for the month.

Further uses of these voting forms are as follows:. The management also uses the individual employee information as they review these nominees. In completing the voting form, there are few information that are needed to be filled out. These are technically the basic information of the nominee and the deeds that makes him or her qualify for the position.

These basic details should be provided in order for the voting form to be considered, unless this is disregarded if the specifications or explanations of why the nominee deserves the award. Refer to the list below for the essential information of the voting form in order to be guided.

These are the basic information that are often required in order to complete the nomination or voting form for the employee of the month. Take time as you go over these provided downloadable forms.

How to fill EPF nomination form online/offline and update PF nominee

You may also see operating statement forms.One way to retain employees in a company is to offer rewards and benefits during their employment. The most common is through periodic awarding programs which allows employees to know that their works and perseverance have been acknowledged, as well as valued by the company. This program can be conducted with ease by using employee of the month nomination forms.

Employee of the Month Nomination Form Sample portsmouthva. An employee of the month nomination form is a type of HR form which is used by managers, employees, and any member of a company to name nominees of the monthly employee award.

The form will allow the selection committee to identify who among the nominees have shown impressive productivity, abilities, and skills within a specified month or during the thirty-day period. Although every company will have their own criteria as to how the nominees will be evaluated, an employee of the month nomination form, regardless of the variety, should have the following elements:. Automated Employee of the Month Nomination Form — With this form variety, a nominator can easily fill and print out the form as soon as he completes the necessary entry fields.

Three sections comprise the automated employee of the month nomination form. The second section of the form is allotted for the award criteria. Furthermore, the last section of the form is not to be filled out by the nominator, rather by the authorized personnel or HR representative of the company who will compile the completed nomination forms.

Classified Employee of the Month Nomination Form — Compared to regular employees, classified employees are hired periodically and are often paid on an hourly rate. Examples of classified employees are clerical staff members and construction workers.

sample nomination form for employee of the month

To nominate an exemplary classified employee, a classified employee of the month nomination form must be filled out by the nominating party. In addition, the contact information of the nominator will also need to be included in the form to allow the company in reaching out to the nominator for clarifications and questions regarding his choice of nominee.

Employee of the Month Program and Nomination Form — Not only the details of the nominee and the nominator will be stated in this form variety but also the details of the awarding program and criteria to be considered for the winning nominee.

The form also specifies the process of the awarding program starting from the posting of the nomination forms up to the selection procedure. Professional Part-Time Employee of the Month Nomination Form — Although part-time employees only spend smaller hours compared to full-time employees, their services and expertise should still be awarded.

For this, a professional part-time employee of the month nomination form should be used by the company. In this form, the purpose of the program, the criteria for the nominees, the eligibility rules, and a guide on how to nominate an employee will be stated.

Employee of the month nomination forms are important because these documents serve as a tool for gathering data, information, as well as surveying who is the preferred choice of the members of a company. Furthermore, the form will also promote communication between the company management and the employees if the forms are to be distributed and are offered to every employee of every job type and title.

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