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Speed tech nitrous

Speed tech nitrous

NOS, the brand you've trusted to deliver high quality nitrous oxide systems is still developing technologies that make using this power adder easier than ever. Their new "Mini 2-stage Progressive Controller" has all of the functionality you would expect from other models, without the high price tag!

Click here to learn about your next nitrous controller! Read More. Getting tired of your buddy having a faster side-by-side? These wet kits are simple to install and deliver ultimate performance at the press of a button! Taking place February, this is promised to be one of the wildest drag radial races of the year and an excellent kick-off to the roaring 20's!

The End! That's everything! Check back later for new products. Close me! My Account My Cart. See More. NOS News. By: Skylar Drake Allied aircraft used it for emergency boosts in airspeed and altitude capabilities. By the end of World War II, jet propulsion had been invented and the United States' government was losing interest in piston-powered aircraft. For nearly thirty years, the application of nitrous oxide on vehicles would be privileged information.

Racers dabbled with nitrous oxide injection from time to time with varied results. It wasn't until the late s when two racers perfected its use. During the first several years, NOS spent most of its resources demonstrating that nitrous oxide was an efficient, safe form of performance enhancement.

The effort paid off, as NOS quickly became known for producing easy-to-install kits made from the highest quality material available. Hands on use and tech support were the key to the company's success. In fact, both the first mph run and the first 6-second run were aided by NOS. Racers and performance enthusiasts at every level took notice of these remarkable feats.

It is conceivable to say that nearly every significant performance milestone with nitrous was done with the NOS brand. Race reports show that the NOS brand still powers more racers than all others. Serious performance enthusiasts knew about NOS, but now the world would know of the brand and its potent power potential. Nitrous oxide injection is still the best power per dollar available and NOS is proud to be the pioneering company behind this amazing product that turns bottled nitrogen and oxygen into instant power!Mission: Our goal is to provide all of our customers a safe and reliabale nitrous system, technical advice, and tuning direction to exceed all expectations.

Speedtech provides efficient winning nitrous systems for all applications from the novice to the professional racer at land, air, and sea. Our state of the art facility allows us to engineer and manufacture industry leading nitrous systems that are user friendly and easy to install.

More importantly, every component we sell has been tested on our Flow Bench and at the race track. We aim to build only the highest quality products using the latest technology, engineering, machining techniques, material and racing experience. Our staff has a combined 50 years of championship winning nitrous racing experience. We installed our Hanzo kit and also installed the customer supplied water injection.

We installed a single dry system with out billet. We completely stripped it, had a gloss black powder coating done, cleaned the injectors, then installed 6 dry system, wired and flowed it.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your record setting program!

SPEEDTECH Promod Nitrous Finals

We completely stripped this manifold, inspected and fixed any cracks, then sent it for a fresh gloss black powder coating.

Then we installed our Tri-Y dry nozzle system on the outside, then rebuilt and inspected the 2 hardlines on the bottom and the softline. Give us a call for all your manifold and nitrous needs.

We installed our Tech1 fogger with optional. We installed our Tech1 fogger, with our softline system as well. If you are tired of breaking nozzles this is the ultimate upgrade for you! We also added an additional hardline for the 5th system. Everybody has been asking for them, so here they are! This kit will go up to hp.

speed tech nitrous

These kits go for Give us a call for all your nitrous needs! No code needed, prices are already discounted! Here is one we just finished up with. After pulling everything apart we found several broken fuel straws, broken nozzles and cracked runners on the intake. Now is a good time to get those old manifolds checked out, you could have the same issues going on.

We would like to congratulate Marcus Birt and crew for crushing the nitrous record again this weekend! This Hanzo XL is ready to hurt some feelings! Home of the fastest nitrous systems in the country! Here is a Edelbrock LS cathedral port, manifold we just finished up with.

This manifold is for sale for Sets 2 Nitrous records 4. Tuned by Dean Marinis. Speedtech congratulats Dean Marinis and his entire crew for there record setting run of 5. We can fill your bottles in house. Came in with 4 softline systems and 2 plentums. We moved the fuel rail up and installed 5 hardlines, and one softline system with a satin black powder coating. Crossfire Elite 09 is a new travel Softball team base out of Tuscaloosa.New PM!

Discussion Poll Private Message. What plate would you chose and why? This will be used as a secondary kit over the fogger if that has any input. Looks like I might have to head over to the bullet. I like the speed tech stuff but I did not care for the lock nut on the bottom of the diffuser plate. I have the speed tech fogger system and went with the nos plates for the third stage on the My is all nos. I would look at other systems like edlebrock, zex etc also. One other thing is mult systems draw some amps and run voltage down if you don't run an alt.

I would go with the system that you are able to get replacement parts the easiest and quickest. I hoping to get out and play in the sandbox next year. Work got in the way of playing the last couple of years. Robert This message has been edited.

Big Steve.

speed tech nitrous

Neither, this one is allot more efficient and less work. Originally posted by Big Steve: Neither, this one is allot more efficient and less work. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am Try one Vern and than get back to me,lol. Mike Beck. Check out Steve Johnson at Induction Solutions.Nitrous oxide injection has a near-mythical reputation among those who know just enough about cars to get themselves in deep trouble. Of course, neither of these is true — N 2 O is simply a power adder that, when used correctly, gives more additional horsepower per dollar than any other.

Fortunately, Nitrous Express is helping to push back the boundaries of ignorance on this subject with their comprehensive website. Also, congratulations on using the internet if you are old enough for that reference to make sense Nothing builds confidence like knowledge, and Nitrous Express has made it easy to increase your understanding of how nitrous oxide can be used safely and effectively, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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speed tech nitrous

We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. About Us Sponsors Advertising. Scratching your head about how things get wired up? Help is at hand Latest News.

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No thanks. Late Model LS Vehicles. Drag Racing. Performance Driving.Tommy was talking about the Speedtech Compact Liquid Force system, the ultimate in direct port nitrous injection. Horsepower levels are easily adjusted, by jetting at the nozzle, from 75 to HP. The liquid force nozzle has a much more port-shaped pattern that does not allow the fuel to wash down the port walls like it does with a fan-spray type nozzle.

The Speedtech nozzle helps promote engine airflow rather than disrupt it. With a fuel tube in a 90 degree nozzle, if the length of the tube varies at all the vacuum draw on the fuel circuit is changed drastically.


The Speedtech system provides an extremely atomized discharge by blowing the nitrous across the fuel channel, shearing the fuel without shutting off the fuel supply by having that notch in the fuel circuit, and maintaining a tight cone-shaped discharge-that is the key to the Liquid Force nozzle. Complete kits with stainless steel solenoids, stainless jets, aircraft quality lines, and CNC-machined aluminum distribution blocks are also available.

To order or for further information, please call Tommy Bolton at Only registered users can comment. Speedtech Nitrous Nozzle product. December 2, Write a Comment. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! This may take a second or two.PKRE Racing tests, develops and sells the highest quality nitrous systems and components.

We also sell nitrous and water injection systems we have developed for the top racers in their class. We are not content to sell other companies products as our own, but recognize excellence in their components and are proud to use them in our systems.

Flow Data | Jetting Charts | Tuning

We continually test and develop new parts for our product line to fill voids in the industry. Paul Klyczek, owner and founder, uses his more than 20 years of experience, as a drag racer, engine builder, nitrous system developer, machinist and head porter, to develop effective products, solve performance issues, and work with racers to meet their ultimate performance goals.

He flow tested using simple scales and the fuel flow turbines on his Super Flow Dyno. Things are tested differently today, PKRE now uses a dedicated nitrous flow bench used in conjunction with a modified Super Flow air flow bench.

Nitrous Manifold Combo

The technology used at PKRE Racing makes nitrous testing more predictable and we are able provide our racers with a wealth of information including pounds per hour numbers for the fuel and nitrous jets provided to you with your system. This helps you make predictable changes and know where you started and where you are headed. Today, PKRE Racing still strives to have the best components available for racers by testing new parts and developing new products in our shop and at the race track.

Our testing and quality control gives racers solid information to continually improve their race program. You can email us at pkreracing hotmail.

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Email required Address never made public. Must be present to WIN! Post to Cancel.Skip to content. Quick links. Home Forum Index Technical Nitrous. He loves it! The car has been 9. He picked up 4 tenths going from his old plate setup to this one.

Sorry, can't remember what he took off it. I don't remember him saying anything about it being difficult to install.

What went wrong with the install? What do you mean by not getting "any sucess out of it"? The more we know, the better we can help Like all plates, you'll need to work with the tune up to get the most out of it. My X Nova Facebook. I know that NX set there tune-ups very aggressive out of the box.

Like John Heard said, "most" kits are usually pretty fat out of the box, to where you have to play with them some to get the most out of it. Not sure about speed tech stuff. Can you give us the jet map that speedtech sent you? Cant we John??? Like Adam said we can look the jetting you were running but I'm curious also if this was the factory tune up on the plate and if you did any tuning on it?

Did you do any plug checks? This will give you a more accurate read on how much nitrous you are using in a pass. As far as the speedtech plate itself, I am using a two stage dominator diffuser and so far it runs about a tenth faster and mph than my nx gemini using the same amount of nitrous, but I have yet to spray more than a in each stage until I can get the rest of the chassis sorted out.

speed tech nitrous

My only real complaint is the damn selenoid bracket make the hoses look like a rats nest. You might call them and tell them your combo and ask them on some tuneup advice. I im kinda expecting to be real close to there claim u no? I'd take a shot that the NX is moving more through a jet that is "labeled" the same size.

I really don't think this is a matter of better or worse distribution, moreso in how things are labeled and the factory tuneups provided. I'm sure that the speedtech plate could run every bit as good as the NX with some tuning on it.

NX is moving more nitrous through the same size jet. ST got all defensive when i suggested that i send both plate to the and flow them. BUT,, would i be punishing my motor more with the NX. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.

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